You are water

The old religious paradigm is the one adopted by our society,  the tricotomy of mind, body and soul.


Catholicism, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism- all the same non-sense- the body, the mind, and the soul are all separate and distinct entities which are separate and distinct entities   The conceptual separation of these entities allows for the conceptual foolishness and self-delusion prevalent in the preceding ages and the dawn of the new age we are entering.  Science is slightly better in this regard in that it destroys the artificial separation between these entities by stating that there is no soul and that mind is a product of body.  Unfortunately, science largely sequesters itself from the question of ethical behavior in terms of evaluation of self and relation of self to others and society as a whole,  only in treatment of test subjects does it police itself in the field of ethics.   Only by destroying this tricotomy can the veil of self delusion be lifted- only then will the truth set you free.


Those who believe in the soul believe that it either always existed, or that it was manifested into existence by the Prime Creator.  Viewed as a separate entity the soul is then evaluated on criteria which are separate from that of the mind and the body.  It is by obedience that the soul is judged.  Obedience to God, Allah, Karma, Dharma, etc.  These criteria are not completely devoid of practical and logical merit- in fact it is by these criteria that the various religions gain their validity and authority.  Religions which are completely antithetical to life will not attract followers.   By adopting the practical portions of ethical behavior into their works, these religions and philosophies promote stability and order within their respective soceites.  However, it is by this adoption that the values of the slave morality are inducted into the helot classes.  Obey, Obey, Obey- the values which are contrary to obedience and exploitation are denounced and threatened.  All unite to say- know thy place slave!


Science is even worse in this regard.  By sequestering itself from the questions of philosophy it allows the question of ethical behavior, outside of experimentation  to be completely devoid of the fruits of its knowledge.  The question of ethical behavior becomes a hodgepodge of various philosophical and religious premises with no rational criteria for evaluation- merely handed down traditions and emotionalism devoid of rational evaluation.


Only by uniting all approaches can we come to a truly rational ethical system.


When the soul enters the body, it becomes the mind.  The mind is the product of the body, it and the body and two and one simultaneously- as water.  When water is poured into a cup it becomes the cup.  When water is poured into a bucket it becomes the bucket.  Understand this truth is the first step of liberating your mind from the conceptual baggage that chains and enslaves it.


As the good sage Bruce Lee said- be like water my friends.